The Theme

The theme of Page Turner 2014 is ‘Future Colour’.  The theme is inspired by an upcoming exhibition at Turner Contemporary to be shown over the summer.  The exhibition examines the progress of the artist Piet Mondrian, as his interest in and obsession with colour grew throughout his lifetime.

In the spring we are showing work by Helen Frankenthaler, an abstract expressionist who used bold colours in ambitious ways on huge canvasses.  She dripped, threw and poured paint as well as using brushes.  Alongside this we will be showcasing some works by JMW Turner, an artist who experimented with colours and produced colour studies at a time when it was not fashionable to do so - you could say Turner was ahead of his time. 

Need some inspiration?:

Imagine what the future of colour might look like…

How will we see colour in the future?

Will it have a function?

Is it possible to imagine a new colour?

How might artists use colour in the future?

How will colour appear in the world around us?

Its up to you how you interpret the theme, the important thing is that it inspires you and that you tell us why! 

Your Entry

Artwork can be in any medium and of any size, for example you may choose to use
photography, painting, drawing, digital design, sculpture or collage.

How to Enter

All entries must be uploaded onto this website, where they can be publicly viewed
as part of an online digital book. To enter please scan your artwork, or take a good
quality digital photograph of it, select the correct art book and upload your entry onto
the website.

Scans should be saved as an RGB jpeg, gif or PNG file and should be no bigger
than 5MB in size. We cannot accept any entries via email or post.

Entries will not be visible immediately; there will be a delay whilst administrators
check the content. Signed photographic consent will be required if your artwork
includes any photographs of people.

Uploading your work

Students are able to enter one work of art per account.  Please register, log in, and follow the instructions. 

Teachers are able to upload work on behalf of pupils.  When you create your account ensure that you select 'Teacher' from the options.  Once you are registered, when you log back in, you can 'Create Student Account' as one of the options on your welcome screen.  You can create as many student accounts as you wish - all linked to your teacher account. 

Categories of Entry

Categories are broken down by age in most cases. Prizes are not necessarily
limited to one per category and there will also be runners up/highly commended
where appropriate. If you are not in a mainstream school then please pick the
category that closest reflects your age.

• Key Stage 2
• Special
• Year 7 – 9
• Year 10 – 11
• Year 12 – 13 or 17/18 years
• Over 18
• Teacher
What can you win?

• Winning entries will be exhibited at Turner Contemporary
• Digital Cameras
• MP3 players
• Art books, materials and equipment
• All entries will be displayed in our digital book, which can be viewed on-line by the

Prize Winning Event and Exhibitions

Once the closing date has passed, a panel of professionals from leading cultural and
education institutions will judge the entries.

If your entry is shortlisted we will require a high-resolution image to exhibit. This
should be saved at 300dpi and approximately A3 (297mm x 420mm) in size. We
encourage you to use this as a guide for uploading in the first instance.

Shortlisted entrants and their families will be invited to a special presentation of prizes at which winners will be announced and prizes given.

Winning entries, runners up, highly commended works and the shortlist will be displayed in Turner Contemporary's Clore Learning Studio from 10 June - 27 July 2014.

The Rules

Entries are limited to one per person.

Entrants must be in year 3 (or equivalent age) or above to enter.

All entrants must be undertaking education within Kent or be a member of staff at a Kent based
educational establishment.  As well as Schools, Colleges and Universities this includes but is not limited to Home Education, Special Education Units, Pupil Referral Units, Young Offenders Insititutions and Adult Education.  

Entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not have been published

Entries must be supported by contextual text explaining the artwork and its relevance
to the theme.

Entries will be shortlisted by Page Turner staff prior to the judging evening.

Photographic consent will be required if artwork includes any photographs of people.

We cannot accept entries from staff or immediate family members of Turner
Contemporary’s Learning team, staff involved in the competition at University for the
Creative Arts or any judges.

All entries are reviewed before being published.  We will not publish entries that are obscene, pornographic, contain swearing or could reasonably be deemed offensive.  We reserve the right not to publish work if we feel it does not meet the above requirements.

Closing date – 14 March 2014

This competition incorporates what was the ‘Inspire to Aimhigher’
art competition, which had run for three years, and the last three years' Page Turner
competition. The theme has changed but special prizes will be awarded that
acknowledge and continue to promote the ethos of Aimhigher Kent and Medway’s



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