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Artwork of the Week
This is Carli_007's entry for the Secondary School Art Book

Page Turner 2014 is now closed.  Thank you for all your entries.  Shortlisted entrants will be invited to a special prize giving evening in April.

Page Turner Art Competition

This academic year, Turner Contemporary is focussing on colour. Our exhibitions programme includes artists who were fascinated with colour and used it in different ways…

JMW Turner experimented with colour and light

John Constable studied the colours of the clouds

Helen Frankenthaler fearlessly flung colourful paint over huge canvases

Piet Mondrian became so obsessed that he ended up painting with just primary colours

We want you to join the excitement and show us your artwork, by entering our annual Page Turner competition. This year's theme is:

Future Colour

Imagine what the future of colour might look like…

How will we see colour in the future

Will it have a function?

Is it possible to imagine a new colour?

How might artists use colour in the future?

How will colour appear in the world around us?

To enter:

Create an account and upload your work.  There will be a delay while your work is moderated - then it will be published and you will be able to see it.  Good luck!